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From 1 yard to thousands, ITP offers the finest 8 color inkjet fabric printing.
Inkjet Textile Printing, LLC

Corporate Background

   Inkjet Textile Printing LLC is a production company that prints with fiber reactive dyes onto fabric. ITP is dedicated to delivering the highest quality inkjet printing on a wide range of fine fabrics, resulting in washable, wearable, permanently and brilliantly colored fabric.

   ITP's printing differs from others in that our patented process prints directly from RGB images produced by digital cameras and most web artwork (instead of CMYK color space used by other printers). This allows more printed ink colors and thus has a more accurate color reproduction, meaning we can print your images from most any source and get the most colorful and detailed prints available on fabric.

   Our service also differs from others because we print onto your fabric, not a limited range of fabrics like other companies. You are in charge of sourcing your own fabric, allowing you the widest possible selection along with the lowest fabric cost. Check this web site's Fabrics tab, and/or call us for more fabric/supplier details.

The Printing Process

  Images can be printed up to 60 inches wide and are limited to about 15 yards. Printing is possible on a variety of fabrics including silk, nylon, wool, linen, rayon spandex, cotton, hemp, bamboo, canvas and more.

   ITP will apply a coating to the fabric before printing. This is used to fix the dyes during printing. The fabric must not have manufacturer's finish because it will interfere with our coating. You should ask for PFP (prepared for printing) or PFD (prepared for dying). We will test a small piece of fabric for compatibility for free.

   After printing, the fabric is steamed and washed to finish the fixing process. To create even a small finished fabric print will usually require a full day. This is because time is required in each step to make the image color fast and permanent.

Image Setup

  The image setup process is important in order to get professional color matching results. This includes testing with Client approval, using small test prints. Each set of strikeoffs (proofs) takes at least 1 day. Most items can have a rush status for an extra fee (call for availability and rate).

More Professional Details

   Once again, when you are buying your fabric, you must ask that it is PFP (prepared for printing) or PFD (prepared for dyeing), if not it may need to be prewashed, or it may NOT PRINT at all.  You can do a quick test by putting a drop or 2 of water on the fabric to see if it absorbs it. If it rolls off, it probably will not work for our printing.  A swatch should be tested by ITP before you purchase your production yardage. We will print some ink on a small swatch and test it at no charge to make sure it works before you purchase production yardage.

   And to repeat, You should supply (at least) 2 extra yards to load the printer, and 1-3 extra yards for test prints (go to the Price Calculator tab which also shows the number of yards total for a job (go to the Price Calculator tab which also shows the number of yards total for a job)). Larger runs require 10-15% extra because larger machines are used which require more yards for leader(feed). Extra yardage means we possibly could print extra you and also avoid reprint runs because of defects (which always incur delays) and/or help with any unexpected problem.

Indexed TIFF files or RGB values (swatch image) can be matched to physical swatches (Pantone or Client supplied).

See the 'Artwork Upload' tab (next) for details on getting your images to us.

The very first step in getting your project started is to send us your files!

  For small files (smaller than 10 megs), please send them directly.
  Address them to:

  For your convenience, we have a WeTransfer CHANNEL where you can send us large files and multiple files at once.

  We also support and among others.

Please remember to read the Print Guidelines Tab before sending or uploading your Art & Design Files.
Here are a few pointers:

  1) RGB color format, 8 bit, 150 dpi or more.

  2) Make sure all layers have been flattened.

  3) Save as a .tif with LZW compression, formatted for a PC. We can convert most any file format to a flattened tif,
    but that adds another variable, so it's best if you do it.

  4) Send us the artwork at the EXACT SIZE you wish to print.

  5) If your file is a REPEAT, double and triple check it to be sure it repeats properly in the repeating direction(s).

Calculate Total Fabric Yardage

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Yards for Lacing and Testing:
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Printing Price Calculator
This is only a guide for pricing!
Price includes coating, steaming and washing.

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Helpful Guidelines for Printing with ITP

  You should save your image file in RGB color mode. Our most common image format is a TIF(TIFF) file with LZW compression at 150 DPI (or more). Acceptable file formats are: JPG(JPEG), PNG, GIF, TIF(TIFF), SVG, PSD and AI.

We will convert all files except JPEG to TIF format before printing. Note that JPEG format is sometimes not good for repeats if compression is used. The image's print size should also be the size you are looking to print onto fabric.

  We charge an image setup fee, which is $100-$200 per image per fabric depending on color matching complexity. This charge includes color matching, and corrections, and strike offs (2 rounds of test prints). Image setup does not include design changes. Setup tests are not printed across the fabric including tests at full size. After steam and wash there can be slight diffrernces from small tests to full sized prints.

  If your image needs any adjustments other than sizing, a design fee of $80.00 per hour will be charged. We can help perfect your repeat files and other modifactions.

  The cost of the raw fabric varies. Prices can range from $5.00 - $50.00 or more per yard. We do not supply fabrics, but we can source the fabric but may add a surcharge and/or shipping. Most clients prefer to supply their own fabric and ship it to us.

  All fabric needs to be PFP (prepared for printing, not greige goods) or PFD (prepared for dyeing). Please confirm with your supplier.

  If you supply your own fabric, we need at least an additional 2-3 yards per 1-40 yard bolt to lace our printer (possible more if the run is multiple separate pieces) and an additional 1 or more yards for color tests (ie. if you want a 2 yard print then we need 4 yards to print plus 1 or more yards for testing per image (ie. for each color setup); a 10 yard print will need 12 yards to print and 2-3 yards for tests). click on the Price calculator tab for fabric yardage recomendations and price guidelines. Any unprinted fabric will be returned, or at request be printed as extra.

  For most fabrics ITP charges $5.00 per yard for fabric preparation and for more than 150 yards the price drops to $4.00 per yard, however heavier fabrics and some specialty fabrics are $8.00 per yard. This process includes coating of the fabric to make it ready for printing.

  In order to begin the color matching setup process, ITP requires a non-refundable deposit of 100% of the setup and fabric prep cost only. In order to begin production printing, ITP also requires a payment of 50% of the printing cost of the project in advance. In some cases this is negotiable based on exceptional conditions. Upon completion of your project, you must pay the full balance apon delivery of your printed fabric.

  The lead time is 2 weeks, less time will require a rush fee. Large jobs are subject to price re-calculation depending on size and deadline if conditions change.

  Rush fees are approximately an additional 50% of the overall cost of the production. Rush deposits are not refundable for any reason. Rush jobs require continuous communication with us, for fabric concerns, image upload, print sizing and color test approval. Delays beyond our control WILL affect delivery times at no fault of our own.

  Shipping and/or delivery costs will be billed to the Client.

  Fabric left at ITP and not printed is deemed abandoned if not picked up in 6 weeks.

  ITP stands behind all of it's work. If any printing is not acceptable, credit or reprinting will be given, but only if the unacceptable printed fabric is returned within 2 weeks of receipt thereof. This is the only way we can verify there is a problem, and get an opportunity to learn how to correct it. The status of the returned fabric is negotable. Refunds will not be given after printing approval is received from the client and the job commences printing.

  By commencing-starting a printing job it is understood that these guidelines apply (by both parties) and are agreed to.

  Since you are supplying the fabric, the will always be a chance that it won't print correctly. This is not ITP's responsibility. Our job is to help you select fabric that works correctly by doing tests and giving our recommendations. This is very important for rush jobs. An open communications channel is a must. Thanks and good luck.

Inkjet Textile Printing LLC.